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★13★ hello im shin and this is my art blog
kayseehere said:
wao your art is super cute!! * ^ * and I love your kagepro stuff omg they make me laugh so much thank you

ahah no problem ^^

ahaha new oc hes adorable merchant ^^

i wasted 3 hours trying to sketch this

Anonymous said:
youre m y most favorite artist ever and youre sucha big inspiration to me. Thank you. id give u 1000 memes


i-i woaah no problem im so happy i became an artist to be inspirational to others (i will treasure those memes)

i forget how i found him again

just a short colouring process

kanosu said:
The way you color is really nice!! All your drawings are really nice to look at wowow

thank you so much wow : 00000

i drew da wodahs : 0