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★13★ hello im shin and this is my art blog

drawing my oc in different outfit ^^

nerisys said:
Your cursors are so cute I want them on my computer and not just on tumblr (‘A`)

thank you ; 7 ; apparently im not sure how to D :


have some wadanohara cursors

download (contains more cursors~)

Anonymous said:
i love your art so much!! could you draw haruka??

have cookin haru

Anonymous said:
i love youre drawings!

thank you so much : 0

Anonymous said:
your drawings are so cute!! i was wondering if you could draw kido x ayano

sorry ayanos hair is short

I can relate to that! Poor white haired baby! Then what about an original route? If the Dmmd staff was to call you and ask you to create your own route, what would it be?

omg i have no idea


Clear is just adorable. I feel really sad for what happened in the bad ending, because it made me feel like Clear was not the Clear we used to know anymore, just a... broken bad version of him *snif* What if you could change Clear's endings? What would his endings be?

um maybe the part where clear doesnt die CAUSE I HATE IT WHEN WHITE HAIRED ANIME BOYS DIE

Such a cute redraw! You have a very original art style! What's your fav Dmmd character and scene??

aahh thanks ; 7 ;~

my favourite character is clear and scene would have to be when aoba and clear were outside of aobas room looking at the sky

Anonymous said:
hey your art is mad swag! but id just like to ask that you not call things "retarded" please. its pretty offensive to anyone with a disability. also your blog's super nice! thank you very much. and i really like your redraw of aoba!!!

ah im sorry i didnt know!! ill be more careful with my words, thanks for letting me know though;;