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★13★ hello im shin and this is my art blog
Anonymous said:
I don't want to be rude but may I ask if you take any requests?

ah yeah i do sometimes but if im asked too many times then i wont

Anonymous said:
*melting by how great ur art is*

//melting by how great this anon is lol

Anonymous said:
uwaa ur art is so cuuute im melting but can i request a female soraru (if u know him) i was thinking it would be cute with ur art *A*


soraru is CUTE

i saw something with kuroha fashion and was inspired so : DD

was drawing too much yesterday

Your art style is really cute! Keep drawing, I think your drawings have the power to warm up the hearts. ^w^

omg this is the most nicest thing i just-

thanks i hope so too! : DDDDD //screams

Holy shit you are talented, keep it up!

omg thank you so much * 0 *